27 February


Continental Drift / Control Society / Metamorphosis
read more about this event here: http://occupyeverything.com/events/continental-drift/


The Public School
951 Chung King Rd., Chinatown,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Day 1.
February 27.
Control Society
12:00 Disassociation
facilitators: Liz Glynn, Marc Herbst
2.00 Financialization
facilitators: Aaron Benanav, Zen Dochterman
4.00 Occupationation/Collective Speech
facilitators: Cara Baldwin, Nathan Brown, Maya Gonzalez, Evan Calder Williams
7.00 Day 1 Discussion
facilitators: Brian Holmes, Solomon Bothwell

See the schedule for Day 2 here: http://occupyeverything.com/events/28-february/

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