Los Angeles: 22 Protesters Arrested During Chase Bank Foreclosure Demonstration

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Nearly two dozen demonstrators were arrested Thursday as they blocked the doors to a downtown Los Angeles Chase bank branch to protest what they said were unfair home foreclosures.

The demonstrators, which included homeowners facing foreclosure, community advocates and labor leaders, silently allowed officers to bind their wrists behind their backs with plastic restraints and guide them into a police van.

Dozens more demonstrators chanted and marched on a nearby sidewalk holding signs that said, “Stop Bank Greed, Save Our Neighborhoods” as the 12 men and 10 women were taken into custody.

Protesters set up furniture on the property and used a bullhorn to voice their concerns.

“It’s a shame that this holiday season, bankers get bonuses — families get foreclosure notices,” said one protester.

“While waiting for them to get back to me, the home has actually sold,” another said.

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