Occupied Stories: Media Platform

Occupied Stories is a platform for first-person news from within the occupy movement. It creates a space to amplify the voices on the streets and witnesses to news events so that we can learn about what is happening across the occupy movement directly from the people who are living it.…

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Boycott Arizona to Save Nursing!

AZ Nurse Amanda Trujillo was not only disrespected for her routine patient education and advocacy, she was also fired and her license has been in limbo for a year now. Her education led a patient to seek information regarding hospice, at a potential cost to her employer (Banner Health) of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.…

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OWS Needs No Demands

The Occupation does not need Demands.

The strength of this movement is it’s passion. It appeals to the deep seeded feeling that somewhere on our collective journey humanity took a wrong turn, and now is the time to correct our mistake.…

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