Only the beginning…

David Graeber’s piece in The Guardian on the Wall Street Occupation situates what is happening there in terms of the imagination. How refreshing to be reminded in stark terms not only how capitalism crushes so many imaginations but also the conceptual force of refusal.  It also appears that a network is developing as the occupation movement spreads across the country. What this movement means and where it is going remains to be seen but it seems clear that this is only the beginning of something.

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the up rising of consciousness is here the shift in attitude into a new one world collective mind is going to happen this is a phenomenal time we are living in and witnessing the birth of great change

I can feel it too. I am now beyond fear. I still feel the fear, but I know it is me creating it, and so realize I have an option of altering reality by my choices now, and I see clearly through the wall.The time has come to say to the system, “Your game is over. We aren’t listening any more. We don’t want to hurt each other any more. We don’t want to hurt the Earth any more. We don’t want to hurt ourselves any more. We want to love being human, to BE. And let the love of our mutual survival and love of learning guide us in being kind once again.

It is an HONOR to be alive to witness this moment, and feel like I am coming home. With LOVE,

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

It is only the beginning. If those in power continue to demonize and ignore the movement, and the police continue to come down hard on protests across the country… it will only grow in size until it blossoms into full blown revolution. This is how it goes, this cycle is repeated throughout the tapestry of history. The real question is WHEN this will happen, and how the country as a whole will react.

The system is broken, and as such it needs to be completely deconstructed and rebuilt. This system cannot sustain itself any longer. I don’t know if our leaders and their financial puppeteers can accept such a massive change, nor do I think they will allow it to happen without a fight. I really do hope for a bright future at the end of this, and I will fight tooth and nail to help ensure that the light stays lit.

youve movement calls for 1 mind thinking 1 order 1 way that doesn’t sound like thats going to benefit everyone only those that are in charge of that movement you forget what you stand and instead lead others falsely – theyre will never be a free lunch its always going to cost someone – why dont you people move to a socialist country instead – some people here in america still believe in democracy

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