We’ve built, seemingly by vulgar and beautiful chance, a party. The occupation. The mob. A mobile force. A machine. This is to say many of us are you, and likely many of you are us. We are all bound together merely by inhabiting the same arena. But we are also adventurists. – Anticapital Projects

Useful dreams are only dreamt in struggle.- Anonymous

OCCUPY EVERYTHING calls on all cultural workers, artists, filmmakers, film schools, media labs, art schools and universities–private and public–to join the struggle for access to higher education and the humanities NOW.

NOW is the time to claim/reclaim our commons and demonstrate solidarity with  occupations in Southern California and internationally such as those at Goldmiths and Slade. In Southern California, this call extends to those at CalArts, OTIS, USC, Art Center, Art Institutes, and those in art, film and media departments across the  California (UC/CSU/Community Colleges) higher education system.

As cultural workers located both inside and outside universities we identify direct action and occupations as acts of creation and protest. We feel the daily occupation of our spaces by the forces of capital and capitalist logic. To our peers, students, friends: administration offices and buildings belong to you; these are your studios – this is your work. Remaking your department, art school, film school and the world starts NOW.

From University buildings to train stations to banks to political party headquarters, a new territory is being mapped out at the very moment it is being created.


Useful dreams are only dreamt in struggle.