Empire Strikes Back: Organizing Inland (Part 1)

The Inland Empire has emerged as an epicenter for the relentless growth/crash dynamic of global capitalism – forcing workers out of jobs, families out of homes and students out of school. This massive displacement is the context for EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Organizing Inland – an on-going project with more events planned from April – September 2010.

Part 1 – Neoliberal Appetites

This event, led by Brian Holmes, will focus on neoliberal subjectivity – the ways in which the present economic system both encourages and is encouraged by a set of fundamental assumptions, attitudes and perspectives.

Date: March 3

Time: 3pm

Location: Interdisciplinary Building Screening Room, INTS 1128
University of California, Riverside



organized by Ben Ehrenreich, Ken Rogers & Michael Wilson