The Strength of Disobedience by Sadri Khiari

Sadri Khiari, Tunisian activist exiled in France since early 2003, is one of the founding members of the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic (PIR), of which he is currently one of its principle leaders. He has published, among others, Pour une politique de la racaille: Immigré-e-s, indigènes et jeunes de banlieue, éditions Textuel, Paris, 2006 and La contre-révolution coloniale en France de de Gaulle à Sarkozy, éditions La Fabrique, Paris, 2009. -Decolonial Translation Group Read more »

Brian Holmes on KPFK

Brian Holmes interview that was aired on Beneath the Surface on Friday March 19th at 5pm. Brian Holmes is a Paris-based American Art Critic and radical Social Theorist who was in California on March 4th to participate in the demonstrations against the budget cuts in Public Education in California.…

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