October 7th Day of Action for Public Education

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In solidarity with the October 7th Day of Action for Public Education [] we call for a virtual sit-in of the websites of the Office of the President of the University of California and the UC Regents. This virtual sit-in will take place for all of October 7th, from 12:00AM the night before to 11:59PM the night of.

We need hosting for this action. Please contact any of us if you can provide hosting for the html files for the action.

Recent actions taken on March 4th by students, faculty, staff and allies around the world were joined online by a virtual sit-in. The swift and violent response to the virtual sit-in from the UC administration and police against Ricardo Dominguez only reveal the effectiveness of the action and must be seen as part of a larger strategy of the criminalization of resistance including the arrest of hundreds of faculty, students and staff around the world who are struggling to redefine what the future of education will be. The UC continues to make efforts to expand the prison-military-education-industrial complex in the face of demands, occupations, strikes and blockades by those willing to put their bodies, physically and digitally, on the line for a better future for education.

By organizing this action, in the tradition of ECD as a distributed tactic as performed by the Electrohippies, the Federation of Random Action and the borderlands Hacklab, we are demonstrating that the hydra has a million heads and Yudof, the Regents and their police cannot stop Electronic Civil Disobedience by putting their boot on the neck of one man. A virtual sit-in is a mass action by thousands of people and we will not be stopped.

More virtual strikes can be expected until:

* The budget cuts across the UC system are turned back
* Those laid off in the past year are rehired
* Charges are dropped and investigations ended against all of those arrested for struggling for the future of their education

Join the actions in the streets, the campuses and the university buildings if you can. If you want to join the virtual sit-in, go here for a list of urls:

If you have any questions about this e-action contact:


Zach Blas,
Xandre Borghetti
Micha Cárdenas,
Elizabeth Chaney,
John Falchi,
Autumn Hays,
Linzi Juliano
Rashne Limki
Bradley Litwin
Benjamin Lotan,
Luis Martin-Cabrera
Elle Mehrmand,

If you would like to help organize the action and be added to the list of organizers, email us.

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Statement of Solidarity with UCSD/UCR Faculty

We strongly condemn the investigations of faculty members Ricardo Dominguez, Micha Cardenas, Brett Stalbaum, Amy Sara Carroll and Ken Ehrlich by the University of California. These “investigations” represent an alarming violation of academic, intellectual and artistic freedom. They function as a smokescreen – distracting from the actual problems addressed by Dominquez, Cardenas and Ehrlich’s work. UC administrators would do better to listen to the messages contained in the work and begin acting to address them appropriately. Such repression of basic freedoms will only exacerbate the existing problems within the UC and radically escalate the public response.

–Occupy Everything Collective


Stop the De-tenuring of Ricardo Dominguez

Ricardo Dominguez (Associate Professor, Visual Arts, UCSD) is currently being threatened with criminal action and the revocation of his tenure by UCOP and several UCSD senior administrators. This is a long, rapidly-developing story. Time is of the essence