UK Arts Against Cuts: draft of a letter for cultural institutions

Fellow Cultural Workers,

As you may be aware, on the 26 of March there will be a very large scale March for the Alternative, and against the cuts that are profoundly impacting our institutions and constituencies.

The Trade Unions Congress has called for all workers, of all backgrounds to take to the streets in opposition of the dramatic erosion of the welfare state and forms of public provision on this day. (see A march and many direct actions will take place around the city on this day. As many cultural workers are not unionized we understand that this is something that you may not be aware of and wanted to ensure that all of the workers of your organisation are coming out on that day.

If you are not doing this already, we strongly encourage you to suspend ALL cultural programming on the 26th, and bring your creative ideas to the streets. If you insist on remaining open, we would encourage that you create free convergence zones for demonstrators to congregate, rest, and prepare for action. It is important that we in the Arts do not disregard this important event and align ourselves with other workers.

If you, your staff or your friends are interested in getting involved in the making of the arts block for the demonstration or in thinking about what your organisation can provide on the 26th we invite you to the MARCH WEEKEND, THIS weekend:

12/13 March at ULU where a range of workshops will be presented.

Yours truly,

Arts Against Cuts