b.a.n.g. lab » Cinco de Mayo Digital Marcha in Support of bang.lab

Hola all,

The 2nd “investigation” meeting will take place tomorrow Cinco de Mayo at 10am at the Visual Arts Chair’s office – same place as last time. I do not know how long the meeting will go – but the lead legal consul will be with me and so will Chair Kester (as a silent witness).

What the support communities can do? You can meet us in front of the Chair’s office at 10am or join the Digital Marcha starting tonight and all day tomorrow or both.

The Digital Marcha would be Sending a Short or Long E-mail of support for b.a.n.g lab/EDT’s projects starting tonight and all day tomorrow.

The E-mails should be SENT to ASVC Burke who is leading the “investigation” into b.a.n.g lab/EDT’s VR Sit-In performance of March 4th, 2010:

Stephanie Burke –

Also to me Ricardo Dominguez –

Long Live Art and Protest! (

b.a.n.g lab/EDT and me