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Socialism and Surplus: Why Planning Cannot Overthrow Capitalism

As the economic crisis continues along with militant action against it, the idea of socialist planning has emerged from the grave. However, at bottom, socialism is subject to the same compulsions as capitalism. Its planning is the planning of the management of surplus; the category which is the foundation of domination. If it might attenuate some of the most vicious results of the capitalist hell, it cannot help us escape it.

Tolerance or Universality

In August 2010, The Guardian ran a graphic segment on female genital mutilation, which represented extremely violent imagery of victimized women and girls. The piece produced, however, a mix of fascination and guilt. The forewarning of “distressing and disturbing images” precedes a horror that only serves to titillate. The guilt emerges precisely because one wants to consume.[1] Why does such an emotional response occur? Or, more importantly, why do news segments on female genital mutilation always include filming strategies reminiscent more of Cannibal Holocaust than empathic reportage (given that there can be no neutrality)?…