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O% Year Of The Dragon: A Report On Oakland Commune Move In Day

On the first Saturday of the celebration of this year of the Dragon, the Oakland Commune attempted to seize the abandoned Kaiser Center and to occupy it as their new home. They were met with brutal opposition from the Oakland Police and other area departments who repeatedly announced their intention to use chemical agents and cause severe injury.

Update From The Oakland Commune & Urgent Request For Donations

Comrades near and far, First off, thank you so much from the bottom of our rebellious hearts for the solidarity actions that took place in your cities across the country. You cannot believe what those actions meant for the morale of the Oakland Commune after the attack from the notorious Oakland police. We love you like we love liberation and we also have your back.

As you have heard or seen reported in international news now, Occupy Oakland experience extreme police repression from several different agencies yesterday after thousands of Oakland residents attempted to take over an empty building to build a social center.


Occupy Oakland MoveIn Day Announcement & The City’s Response

A Cuntrastamu! Mash Up

Part I via OccupyOaklandMedia Occupy Oakland Plans Building Takeover #J28 Posted on 24 January 2012 by Benjamin Phillips On January 28, Occupy Oakland will take over a vacant building in the city of Oakland to establish a new home, social center and meeting space for the movement. The “Move-in” action will begin with a two-day festival at the new building site, the location of which will remain undisclosed until the day of the event. The seized building will be converted into a social center for the movement.

This building takeover/move-in action was approved by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly and signals a new direction for the Occupy movement: putting vacant buildings at the service of the community.…


COMRADE EMERGENCY! Ken Ehrlich Arrested @ UC Riverside

Click to DONATE to Ken’s legal defense / bail fund Ken’s Bail cost $2,000 (non-fundable) on $25,000 bail. This amount was charged to a credit card. Enough donations have come in to cover the amount. Any additional monies raised will go to Ken’s legal expenses, which are likely to be quite high. Ken has been released from the Riverside County Jail. He has a lawyer. He and his family greatly appreciate your support.

Occupy Everything editor and UC Riverside lecturer Ken Ehrlich was arrested for felony “assault with a deadly weapon” and is being held on $25,000 bail. The Press-Enterprise reports “Two protestors, identified as Kenneth Ehrlich, 39, of Los Angeles, and Humberto Rivera, 25, of Corona, were booked for felony assault on a police officer — one for hitting an officer with a handheld sign, another for hitting an officer with a metal barricade.”…



One ought not to feel surprise that the 99% call only for a reform of capitalism and not for an end to capital. They exist in a not-so-secret complicity with the 1% that they pretend to revile. Together, the 1% and the 99% constitute 100% of those assimilated within social representation. The material interests of the 99% force the group to support the democratic process. Electoral democracy is a phenomenon indistinguishable from capitalism, while direct democracy and economic democracy are nonsensical terms. The 1% and the 99% make up “society” as a whole and they need each other.