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The Paris Commune and Its Legacy

A lecture from Yale Prof. James Merriman’s course “France Since 1871”. Worth watching to the end, where Merriman delivers a passionate denunciation of state terrorism.


Sorry, We’re Closed : Poster

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Strike May 1st — Bay Area May Day Clearinghouse

Increasingly comprehensive overview of actions taking place in the SF Bay Area on May 1st. Listings of various planned direct actions, union and autonomous strikes, marches, occupations, shutdowns, etc. with the option to add/announce your own. Links to other similar sites : Chicago, Seattle, NYC.

More here: Strike May 1st — Bay Area May Day Clearinghouse.…


Commons 2012 – Radical Squares 2 – George Caffentzis

“Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2012

George Caffentzis speaks on the Radical Squares: Reflections on the Global Indignant Moment panel at the Tragedy of the Market: from Crisis to Commons conference in January 2012 in Burnaby BC Canada.

Radical Squares: Reflections on the Global Indignant Moment – The spreading scope of systemic crisis (economic, ecological, social) has been met with an intensifying circulation of struggles around the world. How can we analyze the public eruption of recent struggles beginning in the Middle East and spreading across the globe? What does this moment mean?