DOWNLOAD: Not Not Like Button

What does it Do?
Removes the Like button on Facebook.

How does it do it?
Through a little bit of CSS:
button.as_link, .uiUfiLikeIcon, .fbPhotosPhotoButtons {display:none !important;}

Why does it do this?
To subtract one type of interaction that takes place on Facebook.

Why would you want to subtract this form of interaction on Facebook?
Facebook made a profit of nearly $1 billion in 2011. Around 85% of this revenue was derived from targeted advertisements displayed throughout the site. These ads are directed specifically to individual users based on algorithms that track a user’s activity — commenting, sharing content and, most importantly, clicking the Like button — to determine what products and services she is most likely to be attracted to. The Like button’s success demonstrates one way in which communication has been instrumentalized in the service of economic interaction within our current form of capitalism…