occupy [and/or evacuate]

Circulating this outline for (your) feedback. I am in the process of 1. developing a book proposal for an anthology of recent writings from the student protest movement and 2. articulating an ajacent conceptual armature to arrange Occupy Everything content around.

I Occupy
A. Reform
B. Critical pedagogy
C. Archive

II Evacuate
A. Revolution
B. Militant research
C. Platform

III Economies of Exchange: Exchanging ‘Values’

A. Occupation
1) Fordist-Postfordist economies
2) Precarity and flexible workers
3) Privatization: Dismantling the public sphere and neoliberalism

B. Evacuation
1) Late-Postcapitalist economies
2) Information and relation (operational and affective) labor
3) Communization: Solidifying networks of mutual support