Commons 2012 – Radical Squares 2 – George Caffentzis

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George Caffentzis speaks on the Radical Squares: Reflections on the Global Indignant Moment panel at the Tragedy of the Market: from Crisis to Commons conference in January 2012 in Burnaby BC Canada.

Radical Squares: Reflections on the Global Indignant Moment – The spreading scope of systemic crisis (economic, ecological, social) has been met with an intensifying circulation of struggles around the world. How can we analyze the public eruption of recent struggles beginning in the Middle East and spreading across the globe? What does this moment mean? What are people indignant about? Is this a moment of both cultural transformation as well political upheaval? Presenters: Nefertiti Altán, George Caffentzis”


Iranian Solidarity with Wisconsin Public Sector Workers

Iranian Solidarity with Wisconsin Public Sector Workers
Februar 24, 2011

As a humanist organization and supporter of individual freedom in Iran, we stand in solidarity with Wisconsin public workers and support their collective bargaining rights.  We also support the workers’ rights to defend their human rights and the dignity of the workers in the United States in particular and in the Middle East and other parts of the world in general.

In the past few days, the Workers Committee of our organization has received numerous messages from the workers in Iran, expressing their support for the struggles of the union workers in Wisconsin and Ohio.

The collective bargaining right is a crucial tool in preserving the democratic rights of workers.  Losing this right can potentially result in unimaginable damage to the future of the middle class in the United States. For us Iranians, the arrest and imprisonment of Mansour Osanlo, the spokesperson of the Public Transport’s Union of Tehran and several other union workers, are prime examples of the consequences of not having strong union rights.  The heroic resistance put up by the Wisconsin union workers is no doubt being closely and apprehensively watched by the captors of Mansour Osanlo.


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