iSlaves: Presentation on Foxconn

Ralf Ruckus from the Gongchao Collective in China will be in the Bay Area this weekend doing the following public presentations (called iSlaves: Workers’ Struggles in Chinese Production):

San Francisco – Friday, May 17, 2013, 3pm, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission, St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Oakland – Saturday, May 18, 2013, 8pm, Bay Area Public School, 2141 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612

San Francisco – Monday, May 20, 2013, 7:30pm, Eric Quezada Center, 518 Valencia, near 16th Street, San Francisco

from the Gongchao collective website:

The company Foxconn employs more than one million people in China alone. As the world’s biggest contract manufacturer it works for Apple and many other electronics brands. Foxconn’s workers are the iSlaves who face horrendous working conditions while producing communication tools like iPhones and iPads. In 2010 a series of worker suicides shook the Chinese Foxconn factories and drew world-wide attention. The management promised to improve conditions and pay higher wages, but the situation has not changed much since: Foxconn accelerated the relocation of factories to the Chinese hinterland, employs student interns as “cheap” labor, covers up work accidents, and still relies on its militaristic management regime. However, Foxconn-workers are far from being quiet victims. They have used every-day forms of resistance against the rhythm of the assembly line and have been able to stage strikes in various Foxconn-factories around China.


Occupy protesters arrested in San Francisco |

At least 19 people were arrested during an anti-wall street protest in downtown san francisco on friday, jan. 20, 2012.

SAN FRANCISCO (KABC) — At least 19 people were arrested during an anti-Wall Street protest in downtown San Francisco after many of them blocked the entrance to Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters.

The demonstration turned violent when protestors smashed windows at a car dealership and took over an abandoned hotel.

The protests were one of many Occupy Wall Street-related demonstrations around the country demanding that banks end evictions and foreclosures.

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Eighteen people were arrested for trespassing, and another person was arrested for apparently being in possession of a police baton after a brief clash with officers.

A spokesman for Wells Fargo said that the bank is doing its part to help those facing financial hardships.

“We understand that Americans are demanding more from their financial institutions during this economic recovery,” spokesman Ruben Pulido said.

As police in riot gear and private security guards tried chasing off protesters, many spilled onto the streets, often causing traffic to be rerouted or come to a standstill.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

(Copyright ©2012 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

via Occupy protesters arrested in San Francisco |


What to Do If You Are Stopped by the Police

If you are arrested at an Occupy Event, call the National Lawyers Guild:

New York City: (212) 679-6018
Los Angeles: (323) 696-2299
Washington, DC: (202) 957 2445
Chicago: (773) 309-1198
San Francisco: (415) 285-1011
New Orleans: (504) 875-0019
Baltimore: (410) 205-2850
Minnesota: (612) 656-9108
Michigan: (313) 963-0843
Portland: (503) 902-5340
Boston: (617) 227-7335
Pennsylvania & Delaware: (267) 702-4654
Idaho: (208) 991-4324

Be very sure to write the applicable phone number in PERMANENT marker somewhere concealed on your body, protected from the elements. Do NOT assume you will be able to retrieve the number from a phone or a notebook. It is very likely you will be stripped of all your belongings.

(thanks to Joni Spigler)