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In honor of the 2010 U.S. Social Forum and in light of the ongoing economic/social crisis in California, we invited the attendees and all other citizens of the world during the week of June 20 to join us in developing a set of initiatives or ‘propositions’ for debate and consideration for adoption via the ballot initiative process in the State of California.

These initiatives might emerge from one (or more) of three central areas of shared concern:

• Re-Education
• Strategy/Tactics (Occupation, Evacuation, etc)
• Resources

Submitted Propositions:

Prop 1 – People’s seizure of Walmart, Inc. / Communize all Walmarts in State of California
Prop 2 – Occupy Disney / Common-ize Disney
Prop 3 – Truck Stop Autonomization Network Plan
Prop 4 – Guaranteed Minimum Income Act
Prop 5 – Green New Deal
Prop 6 – Lift All Travel Restrictions Across the Border with Mexico
Prop 7 – Legalize All Humans
Prop 8 – Common Fund for Public Education
Prop 9 – Outlaw Commercial Advertising
Prop 10 – Decriminalize Drugs
Prop 11 – Replace Money with Labor Vouchers
Prop 12 – Consumer Goods Priced According to Time Spent Making Said Goods
Prop 13 – Publicly-Owned Industry
Prop 14 – Democratic Decision-Making at Local, National and Union Levels
Prop 15 – Print Labor Value on Dollar Bills
Prop 16 – Abolish Usury / Criminalize Interest as a Form of Income
Prop 17 – Re-purpose 90% of U.S. Military for Domestic Public Works Projects Under Union Authority
Prop 18 – Land Tax on Rentable Value (High Threshold Exempting Farmers)
Prop 19 – Jubilee 2010 – Forgive all Non-Corporate Debt
Prop 20 – One year paid parental leave with guaranteed employment upon return
Prop 21 – Free day care and babysitting
Prop 22 – California Musician Corps (CMP) providing free music in parks, on street corners and beaches, kids’ birthday parties
Prop 23 – Maximum Income Cap (The Hollywood Gives Back Act)
Prop 24 – Government-subsidized health food coops in low income neighborhoods (The No Whole Foods Whole Paycheck Act)
Prop 25 – Disarmament for Social Satisfaction
Prop 26 – Technological Development for Social Satisfaction
Prop 27 – Economic Bill of Rights
Prop 28 – Democratisation of All World Financial and Economic System to Allow for Full Participation by All Countries (DAWFESAFPAC Now!)
Prop 29 – Re-distribute all existing bank assets to credit unions under worker/community control
Prop 30 – Public Ownership of All Large Databases
Prop 31 – The Immediate Abolition of All Private Health Insurance Companies through the Creation of a Single-Payer Health System (with full standard and alternative medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage for all)
Prop 32 – Public Ownership and Worker/Community Control of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Prop 33 – Rent control for all rental units
Prop 34 – End to home foreclosures
Prop 35 – Public ownership and worker control of the airline industry
Prop 36 – Federally funded auto insurance
Prop 37 – Immediate transition to renewable fuels
Prop 38 – End to the expansion of the interstate highway system
Prop 39 – Fully-funded high-speed national rail system with low-cost access
Prop 40 – Fully-funded development of renewable fuels
Prop 42 – Fully-funded formation of non-profit land trusts and of socially owned, tenant controlled housing cooperatives
Prop 43 – Massive increase in Section 8 housing subsidies
Prop 44 – Fully-funded public housing construction project (low cost, scattered site, community-based, high quality housing)
Prop 45 – Student representation on all governing bodies at educational institutions
Prop 46 – Student, parent, and teacher control of curriculum formation, and in the hiring and dismissal procedures of school personnel, through the formation of local school/community committees
Prop 47 – An egalitarian, progressive educational system based on leading-edge research in non-authoritarian education modalities.
Prop 48 – Guaranteed incomes and grants for artists and performers
Prop 49 – Fully-funded libraries, museums, cultural centers, and historic sites
Prop 50 – Worker/community-owned public utilities
Prop 51 – Free Wi-fi for everyone
Prop 52 – Redefine economic theories of value so as to better account for immaterial labor
Prop 53 – Abolish the drinking age
Prop 54 – Violent social revolution
Prop 55 – The negation of the state and authority
Prop 56 – Free Revolutionary Discipline
Prop 57 – Abolish taxation by the state
Prop 58 – Workers and Community Self-Management. Period.
Prop 59 – Eco-Communes Now.
Prop 60 – Abolish Property.
Prop 61 – Time banks
Prop 62 – Let a million autonomous zones bloom
Prop 63 – Archaic revival
Prop 64 – Clear-eyed resistance without nostalgia
Prop 65 – Permanent revolution
Prop 66 – Evacuation of all corporate institutions
Prop 67 – Evacuation of all government institutions
Prop 68 – Evacuate everything
Prop 69 – Immediately establish a decentralized, federated society of smaller, autonomous communities

(updated June 28, 2010)


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