Occupations & Sit-ins in California 9-11/24

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Timeline *an incomplete list* September 24, 2009 – Students at UC Santa Cruz occupy the Graduate Student Commons (and ends a week later). October 15, 2009 – Students at UC Santa Cruz occupy the Humanities 2 Buildings for a period of several hours. They leave without police knowledge. October 21, 2009 – CSU Fresno holds sit-in. November 13, 2009 – Students at UC Santa Cruz hold a study-in at the Science & Engineering Library, which ends the following day at 4pm (~23 hours)... Read more »

On the Actions of December 10th and in Defense of the Occupation

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The actions of December 10th reflected an evolution on the campus of San Francisco State University. While the ISO argues that the occupation was “undemocratic” it is important to note that in this particular case it was strategically valuable to have clandestine organization. This militant action will act as a spark for more expanded and informal organizing in the spring. Read more »