War-Zone Athens: three people dead, many buildings burning as general strike march turns into a battle

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The Athens protest march marking the zenith of the general strike called for the 5th of May was attended by an approximate 200,000 (20,000 which is the foreign broadcast number referring to the PAME march alone), although because of lack of media coverage due to the media participation in the general strike no concrete estimates can be made.…

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Middlesex Students Occupy Dean’s Office

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Students and lecturers at Middlesex University (Trent Campus), campaigning to stop the closure of the phiolosophy department, were stood up by their Dean this morning – and took matters into their own hands. Some students are staging a sit-in in the corridor outside the Dean’s office, others have locked themselves inside, demanding that the Dean turn up and face his accusers.…

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Demonstration at Foreclosure Auction in Norwalk


Thursday, April 29th at 10:30 am 12720 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk, CA

Join the protest against L.A. County’s daily foreclosure auction in front of the Norwalk Courthouse!


  • A city, state and federal State of Emergency!
  • A TWO-YEAR MORATORIUM that halts all foreclosures and evictions!
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